3 Reasons Why Truckee Sourdough is Already Part of Your New Years Resolutions


Welcome to 2016! As we look back on 2015 and forward to the future, we often find ourselves scrambling for a New Years Resolution that is actually feasible to keep up for an entire 365 days. Well, look no further than your nearest grocery store because the top 3 resolutions of 2016 have one thing in common: Truckee Sourdough Bread!


NY Resolution1


Eating healthy can often seem daunting (especially if you consider pizza a breakfast food) but it doesn't have to be. It's as simple as checking the label before you buy! A good rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce it - don't eat it. There are lots of gross chemicals in many things out there - especially bread - so we'll make it easy for you. Truckee Sourdough is a guaranteed CLEAN product and with all the Vitamin B's and Fiber found in bread, you can stick to your resolution without having to give up deliciousness!



NY Resolution2


Going Local for 2015 is a great resolution! It not only makes you feel pretty cool, but it’s nice knowing your hard-earned money is going back into your own community. Our family has been in Truckee since 1979 and we started our family bakery in 1996. Today it is one of the largest year-round employers in the area. This means that every piece of delicious fresh baked bread you buy – whether it’s at a grocery store or in a restaurant – goes right back into your (and our) community!



NY Resolution3


Bread is one of those foods that tastes so good you forget that it's filled with three different Vitamin B's, Vitamin E, Protein and Fiber! Vitamin B-1 helps our body deal with physiological stress. B-3 helps produce anti-stress hormones and B-9 helps support mental health. The antioxidant Vitamin E helps produce red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout our body. In other words, bread is quite literally a comfort food and is a key ingredient to a happy and stress-free lifestyle!




Happy New Year!

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