How to Get a Donation from Truckee Sourdough


Our bakery is proud to give back to our community by donating our hand crafted breads to local causes. If you’re in need of a donation, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve laid out “how to get a donation” from our bakery in three easy steps:



Step One: Contact Us

The more information included in this email, the better. While you don’t need to write an essay, try to answer these questions: “Who is your organization?” “What is your cause?” “What is your event?” “How will you be using the bread?” “What kind of bread do you need?” and “How many people are you planning on feeding?”. 

Make sure to include your 501 Tax ID Number! 



Step Two: Get Approved.

We mostly donate to not-for-profit, community based organizations and fundraisers, however there have been exceptions. It’s always worth asking! 

Some reasons we have not approved requests include asking for too much bread (if it can fill up an entire bread truck, it’s too much!); the organization is not fundraising for our community or they are fundraising for themselves; or if they are going to use the donation for personal gain.


Once you’ve been approved, you will need to sign a release waiver that says you will use the donation for the agreed upon purpose only and not just eat it all yourself!


Don’t think you meet the criteria for a donation? We also offer our breads at wholesale cost!



Step Three: Cross Promote.

We will proudly promote your fundraiser or cause (just as we proudly donate our bread to it!) on our very active and well-received social media accounts. To make this easier, feel free to send us a .jpg of your flyer or a picture you’d like to show and how we can find you online. We would love it if you gave us a shout out on your own social media and at your event in return!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and here on our website. We follow back!


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