Fresh baked loafs on rackI am a vegan, what options do I have?    

Many of our breads are made without the use of animal products.  We are in the process of having these products certified through vegan.org.  However, we wish to convey the fact that our facility is responsible for producing other non-vegan products, including those which contain pasteurized eggs and honey.  Although the production space is subject to a thorough cleaning process, vegan products may come into contact with the same surfaces as the non-vegan products.  Our vegan friendly products can be easily identified throughout our site, just look for this symbol! Vegan.


Do you make gluten free products?    

Truckee Sourdough currently does not offer gluten-free products.  For health and safety reasons, gluten-free products must remain completely gluten-free, and such a standard would be difficult to achieve in our bakery.  We will continue to explore the feasibility of such offerings for those who are gluten-intolerant. 


Where can I buy your breads?

You can purchase Truckee Sourdough breads at many different retail outlets in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Visit our Where to Find Us page to view the list of grocery stores we have partnered with.


Are you GMO free?

Various breads produced by our company are GMO free.  We are in the process of getting these products properly certified by FoodChain Global Advisors, a partner of nonGMOproject.org.  You can identify GMO free products throughout the site by the following symbol! GMO Free Product.


Do you make any organic products?

We currently do not produce breads using organic flours, though we are exploring options to make organic certified products available!


What allergens should I worry about?

Our production facility manufactures breads that use powdered milk, pasteurized eggs, tree nuts (walnuts only) and of course wheat. Although we do everything we can to clean machines and set-up processes to avoid cross-contamination if you have an extreme allergy it is always better to avoid our products.


My bread is hard, is there anything I can do, I don’t want to throw it away?

Yes there is! We would never want to see a piece of bread go to waste. See our section on storing and care instructions.


How long do your breads usually last?

One of the tenets of our company is to make healthy, chemical-free bread.  The market is currently saturated with breads that last for weeks, yet require nasty chemical additives in order to achieve these shelf lives.   Therefore, our breads tend to have shorter life spans due to the lack of these chemicals.  We generally expect the bread to last 6 days.  Our delivered breads remain on the shelf for between 1 and 3 days (depending on the product and its packaging); therefore, the consumer has at least 3 days remaining to enjoy the bread.  If you wish to consume our product at a later time, we recommend you freeze it!  The bread can then be thawed and enjoyed at a later time. 

Contact Information

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Email: info@truckeesourdough.com

Address: P.O. Box 2706 Truckee, CA 96160 


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