Truckee Sourdough is a natural Artisan Bread bakery. We make our breads using only freshly milled unbleached flour, sea salt and water.

Our sourdough breads are leavened using a sour culture derived from the naturally occurring wild yeasts present in the Truckee area. Our Ciabatta bread is leavened using commercial yeast in the Italian tradition. No oils, fats, preservatives, dough conditioners or artificial souring acids are used.

We employ a long slow process to prepare our doughs, which creates the rich flavors and textures of traditionally leavened bread.

Unlike high volume modern-day bakeries where machines process the breads in their entirety to produce perfect duplicate of one another, our breads are hand finished giving each loaf its own unique shape, irregular internal crumb, and color. The loaves are slowly baked to create rich, thick crusted country breads reminiscent of times long ago.

In addition to artisan breads we maintain a full line of wholesale restaurant products. We have been known to create a new product or two for companies looking for something a little different from what we offer. If your company is used to selling breads under your own logo we offer a premium private-label program. We will make your company’s recipes and package them with your logo. Maybe you do not sell your breads, but have a company function where you need a specialty product to pass out, we can do that too.

Contact Information

Phone: (530) 587-3939


Address: P.O. Box 2706 Truckee, CA 96160 


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